23 Apr

Nothing much has been happening lately, which I happen to think is quite nice.   Mary Anne called again last night.   My mother also made sure she called her old friend Ann, from Lindenhurst.    They never get a chance to get together in person anymore.  The weather today, when I first left, was quite a bit colder than I like it.   At least yesterday’s rain is gone though.   My father was watching the big Yankee game, I think, when Uncle Frankie came over for a while.  I’m not positive who was playing because I never bother with sports.    Three cheers to California beauty  queen, Carrie Prejean, for her stance against homosexuals’ pushing for acceptance of their sham marriages.    Yesterday I read a few dozen more pages of “The Living Flame of Love” by St. John of the Cross.  I ate a lot of corned beef & cabbage yesterday.     Last night, I watched  Fr. Mitch Pacwa on EWTN.  He & his guest talked about the many significant differences between men & women.     Amazingly my father just found out yesterday that very many people specifically go out of their way to request Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” as a funeral song. 

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