awful first few months of 2011

04 Mar

It gets me plum crazy even to have to think of it but 2011, right from its very beginnning, has given me nothing but trouble. The night before New Year’s Eve, I was at 7:00 Mass at O. L. Sorrows & came down with a raunchy flu that lasted for most of January. I wanted to go to the Pro~Life Demonstration in Washington, D.C. on January 24 but I was forced to back down because of below zero temperatures. February came & I got yet another flu. This time it was only temporary but the symptoms were even worse. With the beginning of March & lovely~as~can~be weather, all my major health troubles are gone but I still have a persistent cough. To make things even stupider, yesterday afternoon my father even noticed that my front passenger side tire was flat. I took it to the Citgo station on Wyoming Avenue, & the guy who checked it for me said it wasn’t damaged by a nail or anything else he could find. It was just plum out of air. He filled it up for me with forty lbs. of pressure. All goes well so far. I know it’s easy, from the looks of this post, to get the distinct impression that life for me is a washout. Fortunately that’s not true in general. It’s just been a very tough time lately.

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