my life as a fictional character

05 Mar

charlie brown

It recently occurred to me that if I were ever to try to compare my life to that of anyone in the world of fiction I should have to describe myself as a combination of Charlie Brown & the typical character portrayed by Woody Allen in his (Allen’s) movies. Charlie Brown is the kid who just can’t get a break. Although he ultimately appears pretty happy he goes through life getting the short end of entirely too many sticks. He messes up every ball game~I don’t like sports but it works with other things too. His Halloween trick~or~treat excursions always provoke the words “I got a rock”. He likes the little red haired girl but she perpetually eludes his amorous advances. I’ve always been terrified of red hair so I stay away from everyone like that anyway but it’s a good symbol of all my frustrating adventures. Like the typical Woody Allen character, I’m also a bespectacled neurotic who incessantly can be counted on to fumble my way through all sorts of misadventures. Allen’s a Jew steeped in his Judaism & I’m a Catholic equally steeped in my Catholicism. He plays clarinet & his movies’ soundtracks are all filled with Cole Porter, jazz, classical & other kinds of serious music. I play guitar & my life’s soundtrack is filled with the Beatles especially~my all~time favorites~& all sorts of other pop music. Like Allen & the little round~headed kid, I also have a seemingly endless cast of offbeat eccentrics with whom I can interact, thereby offsetting my daftness with theirs. Life for each of us is an endlessly lopsided combination of happy & sad.

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