my favorite game shows

10 Mar

Until “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” made its debut with Regis Philbin, quite a long time ago by now, I’d always considered Alex Trebek’s “Jeopardy!” to be my very favorite game show. It still is in a very close second place although for some odd reason I haven’t bothered to watch it in quite a long time. I liked it when I was a kid when Art Fleming was on it too. Although I like “Wheel Of Fortune” & “Family Feud” too I can’t stand all the annoyingly cutesy gimmicks. People on those & other shows have a habit of yelling out things like “Good answer, good answer!” & all sorts of other childish catch phrases. It truly bugs the hell out of me when “Family Feud”‘s Richard Karn asks a contestant at the end of each show how much he’s trying to win & he yells out, “Twenty thousand Dollars!” “Jeopardy” & Meredith Vieira’s “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” are, as a general rule, relatively staid, quiet shows where more attention is paid to the subject matter of the questions than to giving each contestant the satisfaction of letting him lose control in public. Each show has a large share of intellectual questions, that are geared mostly toward people who are college educated. To keep it as well balanced as possible, there are a wide variety of different questions of that nature becaue everyone’s educational background will differ. They also have a lot of questions that are oriented toward pop culture, both past & present. I’ve always stunk at the very recent pop culture questions because I have no interest in today’s pop culture. A major distinction between the shows is that “…Millionaire?” has a one~strike ~you’re out policy,& only one contestant at a time, while “Jeopardy!” pits three people, in each game, against each other. In “Jeopardy!” each answer has to be phrased in the form of a question while in “…Millionaire?” each answer has to be referred to as the contestant’s final answer. “Jeopardy!” tends much more to put the contestants under pressure by imposing time constraints but the current version of “…Millionaire?” no longer does that. Ultimately they’re two really good shows, the very best on TV.

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