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happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we pay a lovely homage to the land of my mother’s ancestors.   The Irish, throughout their long & glorious history, have always been the victims of persecution & discrimination.  The English Protestants have always given them a bad deal in their own country.  The American Protestants have rooked them blind over here consistently treating them much worse than they’ve treated the blacks, Jews & other minorities.  Unfortunately I’ve never gotten a chance to go to Ireland but I’ve always heard that it’s quite an exceptionally beautiful country.  This entry isn’t meant in any way as a deep serious historical commentary on Ireland or its history.  It’s only intended as a simple doffing of the hat to a fine country & culture.  Many twentieth century Irishman, such as Michael Colllins, James Joyce & Eamonn de Valera, & Irish~Americans, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Flannery O’Connor & The Kennedy family have contributed to making the world quite an especially interesting place.

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Rainy morning

Yesterday we didn’t get our usual late afternoon ten_minute storm but very early this morning, at around 3:00 a.m. we got quite a violent storm.  Even now it is still drizzling.  Billy came over to see my father yesterday.  I’m not absolutely positive but as far as I know he only stuck around for a while.  I know they most certainly spent quite a lot of time in the yard.     My parents got a few telephone calls yesterday & last night.  For some disgusting reason, the phone is constantly ringing anyway but these calls were from kinfolk & friends.  The majority times the calls are just dead air or salesmen.  There’s really no difference anyway between dead air & salesmen.    Immediately before I woke up I had a very brief but very vivid dream.  I dreamed I drove through a red light even though there was a police car right behind me.  He didn’t come after me right away.  He didn’t even bother to flash his lights & sirens.   I stopped at the next red light, quite conscientiously.  That’s when he pulled up next to me & yet another police car pulled up in front of me.  Immediately after that, I woke up.    Typically, I made sure I put in my usual amount of time yesterday practicing my guitar.  My specialties lately are scales & Beatle oldies, of course.  I also spent a while reading that book about  St. Teresa’s  “Interior Castle”.  This morning when I was lectoring, as usual, at Mass at O.L. Sorrows, the lights struck me as so overwhelming I literally couldn’t even see the words in the lectionary right in front of me.  I most certainly hope that was just an isolated incident.

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Ecce Crucem Domini,
Fugite, partes adversae,
Vicit Leo de Tribu Juda,
Radix David, alleluia.English version:
Behold the Cross of the Lord!
Flee ye adversaries!
The Lion of the Tribe of Juda,
The Root of David has conquered, alleluia!

   Today is the Feast of  St. Anthony of Padua(Lisbon), the great thirteenth century Franciscan.  Perhaps as a lay Carmelite I should not be interested in him but I’ve always really liked him, ever since I was only a kid.  Anthony (1195_1231) is a great Doctor of the Church.  Originally a Canon Regular of St. Augustine,   Ferdinand de Bouillon eventually joined the Friars Minor.   He is invoked in all sorts of necessities but is especially venerated as a model of true devotion to the Immaculate Virgin Mary.  He was one of the earliest advocates of the Three Hail Mary’s devotion.   

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Photobucket Yesterday was the Feast of St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi(1566_1607). This great Carmelite mystic lived a very humble life among the sisters of her community.

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controversies among orthodox Catholics

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Please visit the Virtual Carmelite Museum    as a Lay Carmelite, I always have found it quite important to keep up with developments in the wide world of Carmel.    Please visit this site & check out that the Carmelite Order has done throughout the centuries ever since the Middle Ages. Photobucket

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carmelite meeting

Are there any lay Carmelites on this site?  I see a lot of blogs that give the distinct impression that people are actively  involved with the Catholic Church.  I am a lay Carmelite in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  We are part of the Province of St. Elias.  It is based in Middletown, New York.    This morning I went to a meeting.   There was a reasonably nice crowd.  I’ve decided to use this as my Carmelite blog.   In it, I shall make specifically Carmelite observations.   Any lay Catholic who feels as if he may have a lay vocation to either the Carmelites or some other religious community should seriously think of looking into something like this.


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