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Rainy morning

Yesterday we didn’t get our usual late afternoon ten_minute storm but very early this morning, at around 3:00 a.m. we got quite a violent storm.  Even now it is still drizzling.  Billy came over to see my father yesterday.  I’m not absolutely positive but as far as I know he only stuck around for a while.  I know they most certainly spent quite a lot of time in the yard.     My parents got a few telephone calls yesterday & last night.  For some disgusting reason, the phone is constantly ringing anyway but these calls were from kinfolk & friends.  The majority times the calls are just dead air or salesmen.  There’s really no difference anyway between dead air & salesmen.    Immediately before I woke up I had a very brief but very vivid dream.  I dreamed I drove through a red light even though there was a police car right behind me.  He didn’t come after me right away.  He didn’t even bother to flash his lights & sirens.   I stopped at the next red light, quite conscientiously.  That’s when he pulled up next to me & yet another police car pulled up in front of me.  Immediately after that, I woke up.    Typically, I made sure I put in my usual amount of time yesterday practicing my guitar.  My specialties lately are scales & Beatle oldies, of course.  I also spent a while reading that book about  St. Teresa’s  “Interior Castle”.  This morning when I was lectoring, as usual, at Mass at O.L. Sorrows, the lights struck me as so overwhelming I literally couldn’t even see the words in the lectionary right in front of me.  I most certainly hope that was just an isolated incident.

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